Thursday, March 14, 2013

Visual Studio 2010 Shortcuts (3. Code Editor) Continue...

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This is very interesting I am gonna providing to you which helps you to manage as well as saves your time while coding

3. Code Editor
Find, Replace, and Goto
Ctrl+fFind and replace dialog box
f3/Shift+f3Find next / find previous
Ctrl+hDisplay Replace options on the quick tab
Shift+f12Find all references for selected symbol
Ctrl+Shift+fFind in files
Alt+F3, sStop current find in files operation
Ctrl+F3/Ctrl+Shift+f3Find next / find previous in selected text
Alt+F12Find symbol
Ctrl+dPut cursor in find/command box of the toolbar. Use ctrl+/ in Visual C#
Ctrl+i/Ctrl+Shift+iIncremental search / reverse incremental search
Shift+Alt+f12Quick find symbol
Ctrl+,Display Navigate-To dialog box
Goto line number
Ctrl+]Go to matching brace in source file
Undo, Redo, Copy, Paste
Ctrl+x, Ctrl+x, Ctrl+vCut, copy, paste
Ctrl+Shift+vPastes an item from the Clipboard ring
Ctrl+yRedo (or Shift+Alt+Backspace, or Ctrl+Shift+Z)
Select Text
Shift+Arrow KeysExtend selection one character/one line
Ctrl+Shift+End/ Ctrl+Shift+HomeExtend selection to end / to beginning of document
Ctrl+Shift+]Extend selection to nexst brace
Shift+End/ Shift+HomeExtend selection to end / to beginning of line
Shift+Page Down/ Shift+Page UpExtends selection down one page / up one page
Ctrl+wSelect current word
EscCancel Selection
Ctrl+Shift+Page Down/ Page UpMoves cursor and extend selection to the last line / first line in view.
Ctrl+Shift+Arrow right/ arrow leftExtend selection one word to the right / one word to the left
Ctrl+aSelect All   

Let me help to get more keys...
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