Thursday, March 14, 2013

Visual Studio 2010 Shortcuts ( 6. Tool Windows) Continue...

Hello Guys!

This is very interesting I am gonna providing to you which helps you to manage as well as saves your time while coding

6. Tool Windows
Ctrl+/ Put cursor in the find/command box in toolbar
Ctrl+k+b Open code snippet manager window
Alt+f11 Open macro IDE window
Ctrl+k+w Open bookmark window
Ctrl+Alt+k Open call hierarchy window
Ctrl+Shift+c Open class view window
Ctrl+Alt+a Open Command window
Ctrl+Shift+o Open Output window
Ctrl+Shift+e Open Resource view window
Ctrl+Alt+s Open Server explorer window
Ctrl+Shift+l Open Solution explorer window
Shift+Esc Close Find & Replace Window

Let me help to get more keys...
Happy Coding!!!

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